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Renske Herder is a multidisciplinary artist and designer, born in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands (1986). She works in the fields of textile design, graphic art and painting. She received her master's degree in Industrial Design Engineering and honered her skills working in the field of surface design and product styling. She also worked as a pottery painter in the traditional majolica technique (Delfts Blauw).

A few years ago (2021) Renske, her husband and young children moved to Bonaire to live here for 3 years.
Renske’s graphic roots are clearly visible as almost every canvas explores the combination of realistic figures with abstract textile and quilting patterns. 

Last Solo Show was from December 16th - January 14th at the Sobremesa gallery in Kralendijk, Bonaire. 

about my art practice

Tranquility and simplicity are the things I'm always looking for in my artwork. This must also be the reason I like to live on an island. I love the imperfection that life on an island brings. Another thing I'm drawn to is the past and how people lived before these hectic times. I like to imagine how people lived and also how they made things. I'm fascinated by the crafts like basket weaving, quilting, rug making, ceramics and more of these old crafts. My experience as a graphic designer and stylist is clearly reflected in my work as is my time spend at a traditional Dutch pottery painting company. 

I like to address in my work that we've lost something as a society. Peace, tranquility, the making of things and repairing things. A slow life. I'm looking for it in my art practice. I'm also interested by the crafts of the past, the amazing things people could make by hand. We've lost a lot of knowledge, skills and a way of working in the household. I don't look down on that, I respect jobs like doing the laundry, cooking, repairing clothes and stuff like that, it's all very creative. 

One day I would like to work together with an artisan in weaving, quilting or something like that.

Things I love besides creating


This is our family. We live on the caribbean island Bonaire. This is where we can live a real beach / outdoor life and still have a structured daily routine with our children. It's the best of both worlds at the moment.  

Bike packing

We cycled from Harlingen, The Netherlands to Barcelona. This is the most fun thing I ever did and I'm dreaming of doing a big trip again. We have little children now, so I don't know when it's going to be...


I love outdoorsy stuff like camping. This picture is made during our bicycle trip. 


I used to be really stoked about kitesurfing and also participated in competitions. I still love it, but now it's more of a nice workout and getaway to me. I'm a real beach and ocean lover, so it's always fun to go out. 

My family, bike packing adventures, the ocean, camping.

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